What Are Archetypes?

What Are Archetypes?

Archetypes are psychological and emotional patterns, which, often unconsciously, dictate our choices and behaviors. They are the powerful, energetic architects of our lives. Awareness of our personal archetypes allows us to look at the more troublesome aspects of ourselves and behavior with curiosity and objectivity rather than defensiveness or denial. When archetypal forces are understood and activated in their highest potential an alchemy is created, which transforms emotional and behavioral lead into radiant gold.

Archetypal consulting supports you to see how archetypes are at play in your life and to make empowered choices in alignment with your goals.

Examples of Archetypes

Caroline Myss identifies four universal survivor archetypes which are shared by all humans: The Child (The Guardian of Innocence), The Saboteur (The Guardian of Choice) the Victim (The Guardian of Self-Esteem), and the Prostitute (The Guardian of Faith). These archetypes symbolize our major life challenges and how we choose respond to them.

There are hundreds of other archetypes. Well known ones include the Mother, the Healer, the Artist, the Addict, the Teacher, the Hermit, the Student, the Seeker, the Rescuer, the Heroine, the Scientist, the Lover, the Shapeshifter, the Martyr.