The Guardian of Self-Esteem

From Victim, to Warrior, to the Guardian of Self-Esteem

In the last two newsletters, we got to know the Victim archetype (as outlined in Caroline Myss’ book Sacred Contracts) and a bit about how she operates, using language like “I’m not allowed,” and giving her power away to forces outside herself. As the Victim begins to evolve, she takes on a Warrior quality, developing boundaries with both her own destructive thought patterns as well as with others, changing her language to a clear “I will not allow” anyone, including herself, to treat her a way that is unloving.

The Victim’s path to the light of this archetype is not complete until she becomes the Guardian of Self-Esteem. Clear about her boundaries, she is able to meet adversity with equanimity, experiencing the foibles and shortcomings of herself and others with compassion and understanding.

Remember the posture of the Warrior? Feet grounded, arms outstretched at chest height, with both palms facing outward? With this posture she lets herself and the world know she is not to be messed with. The Guardian of Self-Esteem takes this posture one step further. Instead of both arms keeping adversity at bay, she turns one hand upward, like a cup, which she fills to overflowing with love from her compassionate heart. One hand is still protecting, as is necessary, while the other hand demonstrates the understanding and compassion the world so desperately needs today.

The Guardian of Self-Esteem has the integrity to remember to honor the humanity in everyone, even while keeping herself safe from harm. She is able to extend compassion to others without drama. It’s a courageous and powerful path, one that requires faith and trust, which we’ll discuss in the next Your Radiant Life newsletter, when we meet the Prostitute archetype and her journey to the Guardian of Faith.

Posted: to Radiant Life News on Sat, Dec 10, 2022
Updated: Sat, Dec 10, 2022